During several years of activity in designing and construction of suspension (spring) systems, Zar Spring Company has been able to be associated with various and credit customers in different fields and continuously has been seeking to obtain new markets and attract new customers, based on which the customers of company could be divided into three main sections. 

   1) Automaker and railway industries 
   2) Market and after sale services 
   3) Export 

1. Automaker and railway industries
In automakers area, this company has cooperated with SAIPA, SAIPA Disel, Saze Gostar SAIPA, ZAMYAD, Bonro, Iran Khodro, Iran Khodro Disel, Opco, Bahman Motor, Bahman Disel, Siba motor, Iran Kaveh and other active companies in automotive manufacturing and concerning Islamic Republic of Iran Railway company and metro, it is the only holder of conformation concerning manufacturing different kinds of wagon springs. 

2. Market and After Sale Services
 Zar Spring Company in local accessories market, as one of the main sale market with more than 50 sale agent in various cities and provinces, has constituted product distribution chain in Iran and a main portion of the consumption of this area is supplied by Zar Company. 

3. Export 
In export area, this company has cooperation with more than 20 countries in the world concerning manufacturing and export of spring, the most important of which are Germany, Italia, France, Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Arabia, Iraq, Afqanistan, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia and Greece. Concerning market development, this company has always taken actions to participate in local and foreign international fairs associated with automobile pieces and marketing teams are active in all provinces of country according to annual program. Moreover, it holds seminars for agents and smiths with cooperation with sale representatives