The quality affairs unit of Zar Spring Company performs all activities related to quality control of process and product having appropriate equipment and experienced inspectors according to instructions and standards. The executive duties of this unit include all producing products (different kinds of flat and parabolic springs). 

 The main activities of this unit are as follow: 

     Input control of raw and semi-produced materials 
     All input raw and semi-produced materials are defined using sampling and AQL instruction and MIL STD tables are samples and controlled.

     Controls during manufacturing process 
    All products are controlled during processing using control programs and statistical control methods including MSA-SPC-6σ etc. and the probable problems by the problem solving teams will be studied and modification actions will be taken and its effectiveness at that time period will be monitored.

      Continuous relation with customers
     To improve customer satisfaction according to developed programs, automakers product line and market agencies will be visited and the customers' ideas will be studied and analyzed as input in problem solving teams, associated workgroups and engineering and production and quality committees and the appropriate solutions will be used for these issues.  

     Contractors evaluation 
    In order to improve quality of product, materials supply chain and semi-constructed pieces, first the instructions developed by contractors are evaluated and then in case of fulfilling requirements, they will be identified as potential contractor and evaluated periodically.