ZAR Spring Manufacturing Co (Public Joint Stock)

ZAR Spring Manufacturing Co. (Public Joint Stock) 

Zar Spring company has been established in 1963 as private joint stock with manufacturing capacity of 1000 tons of different types of flat spring. The products of company first suffice for removing the market demand of spare parts. However, concerning the increasing demand of market of spare parts and automotive companies, in 1976, it increased annual capacity to 12000 ton. Moreover, in 1983 it set up a new production line and in 1996, the utilization of robotic machineries for parabolic spring manufacturing started. This is while Zar Spring Company had increased nominal capacity of flat spring and grader blade to 18000 tons annually. In the same year, the legal personality of company changed from private to public held and consequently, it was accepted in Tehran stock exchange market and in 2001, it added new products for suspension system (torsion bar and stabilizer) in companies productions. In 2007, the hall for manufacturing different types of stabilizer, torsion bar, spring and etc. was transferred to Golpaigan. The name of Zar Spring Company (public held company) has always been considered by foreign customers as one of the biggest spring companies of Middle East and more and 32% of market share in Iran belongs to this company.